Love For The Girls In White!

This time of year is of course Wedding Season and with that comes Beautiful Brides!

And for me it’s one of those topics I get asked about a lot, but because it’s so important to have the right tan (if you wear tan) for a big event such as your wedding day.

Most brides want to know how best to prepare for a natural, even tan so I will share some of my tips here today.

First exfoliation is KEY! You want to ensure your skin is healthy and ready for a spray tan. No dry patches, no old tan patches etc… so try to exfoliate daily for at least a week before your wedding spray tan and ensure no less than 24 hours beforehand all unwanted hair is removed.

Secondly, after you have had your spray tan and washed it off, dry your skin and lock in the tan with a rich moisturiser. If you do not regularly moisturise fake tanned skin, it will not last as long!

Finally, always pat your skin dry after a shower or during a workout, as rubbing will cause your tan to fade.

Once you take care of your tan, you should get a week out of the spray tan without having to reapply.

The other key thing I get asked is, which tan should I use?

I have tried and tested so many fake tans throughout my career but Vita Liberata has to be one of my all-time favourites especially for brides.

There’s a number of reasons why I love the Vita Liberata spray tan – first of all, its longevity is extremely impressive. It also gives the skin a really beautiful natural-looking golden brown colour and I know first hand it’s really important that you find a tan that will make your skin look sun-kissed on your wedding day. It’s also an organic, toxin and paraben free solution making it kind to even the most sensitive skin.

Another great thing about Vita Liberata is it wears off like a natural tan too. Sometimes fake tans wear off in a very scaly way, and you end up having to scrub it off in the shower but I have never had to do this with my Vita Liberata Tan.

As a qualified beautician, I would say Vita Liberata would suit most skin types, but as always with fake tan, it’s about finding the one that suits your own individual skin chemistry. What works for one girl may not work for another.

This is why it is important to have your tanning trial at least 2-6 months before your big day, so you can establish in good time which tan will look the best on you. I also recommend having your wedding spray tan applied the day before your wedding, or, max 2 days in advance.

Happy Wedding Bells!


Sunscreen and SPF?

It’s a mistake nobody can afford to make or else you will risk damaged, sunburnt skin that not only looks painful but can cause long term damage to your body’s largest organ – a far cry from that golden, goddess glow you were hoping to achieve!

So let’s make on thing absolutely clear, sunless solution does not contain any Sun Protection Factor (SPF). It therefore can never be considered sufficient protection against UVA/B radiation (sunrays).

Remember: it is always important to protect your skin during any sort of exposure to UVA/B rays; sunscreen is always a must! Applying a lotion-type sunscreen that is non-greasy will not only protect your skin when basking in the sun, but also provide critical hydration to the epidermal layer of your skin. I always personally recommend an spf30 or above.

If you are going to be in the water, or prefer applying your SPF with an aerosol application, try a breathable sunscreen that won’t clog pores and is fast absorbing. Again your spray tan will not provide any sun protection, and lets face it red and brown are not two colours you can coordinate well together.

Also as a top tip – remember to try to stay out of pools or highly chlorinated waters as it will slowly remove your new amazing spray tan, leaving you at risk of an uneven tan!

Finally, Vita Liberata Neroli & Argan Milk SPF 50 is the sunscreen that I most highly recommend, mainly because I like it and use it, especially when I have a spray tan, smells great and works a dream!

Happy (safe) tanning!